For today’s class, we’ll be reading:

  • Albert Camus, The First Man, p. 54-77
  • Robert Young, Postcolonialism: An Historical Introduction, “Postcolonialism”, p. 57-69

Robert Young’s entire book can be found online through the library website here. We will only be reading pages 57-69, to gather a general understanding about some of the major concerns of Postcolonial Studies. However, the other chapters could still serve as a beneficial reference for you, should you be interested in reading more. In the other chapters of this book, Young discusses many additional elements of colonialism, anti-colonialism, and postcolonialism, even focusing on Algeria at many moments.

Don’t forget that Reading Response 1 is due as a post to your blog by the time class begins.

Featured Image: Albert Camus by Bruno Gonçales