For Monday, February 18, we will begin reading Zong! by M. NourbeSe Philip. Instead of starting at the beginning, however, we will begin at the end. This is because the last section provides Philip’s framework for the text and why it is impossible to read. While your reading experience for the earlier parts of the book will most likely be disorienting, this section can serve as a tool to aid your experience of this difficulty, (hopefully) helping you to determine how you will best read this text.

Reading: M. NourbeSe Philip, Zong!, p. 187-211

Reminder: Please bring two copies of a rough draft (500 word minimum) for your Rhetorical Analysis this Friday, February 22. You are welcome to add or explain your multi-modal element to this draft, but it is not required.

In-Class Activity: In the “Notanda”, M. NourbeSe Philip generates her own theory of writing for Zong! What is her methodology, as explained by her in the “Notanda”? What must she consider as she goes about writing these poems? What are her limitations and how does she work through these? Use at least one quote from the book to support your response.